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The facts are that molds grow better on some foods than others, and that various factors .... is to come up with a hypothesis , or a guess about what will happen. .... Salt or Sugar: Which Dissolves Faster in Different Liquids?
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Most of us know that food seems to become moldy more quickly in the summer, " Mold grows quicker at higher temperatures."( Hypothesis ) The faster the mold grows , the quicker they can sell their product and make money.
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6 Apr 2009 Hypotheses . i think that after like 2 or 3 weeks the fresh bread will start We are going to toast bread and see if mold grows faster or slower What food grows mold the fastest, does the environment (light and
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Why does mold grow better in the dark than light? Why does mold grow better in dark and not light? What is the hypothesis for how fast does different foods
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22 Apr 2009 First of all formulate your hypothesis . It is that if the food is left Did the fungi grow slower or faster in your control jar?
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Hypothesize that common bread mold can be transferred by air to contaminate Grow bread mold on three slices of bread. You will need bread that does not If so, does it form faster or in more abundance on the food over which the
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25 Jan 2010 Does compost accelerator make food spoil faster ? Does temperature affect growth of mold ?, the hypothesis could be If the Rotting food is cool, make sure to showcase the microorganisms that grow on food .
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1 Mar 2009 on bread using different liquids to see if one would help grow mold faster . I wanted to grow mold because I hadn't ever really seen or been around mold . Molds eat by squirting liquids into the food and growing hyphae, My hypothesis was that Diet Coke would make mold grow the fastest.
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My hypothesis is that american cheese will support more mold growth than the other Food storage and spoilage question: what cheese molds faster ? between that bread and cheese? which food will grow bacteria [ mold ] the best?
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You shouldn't leave food , candy, or sugar stuck on your teeth for any length of My hypothesis stated that the plant watered with water would grow tallest. .... Title: Which Cheese Molds Faster ? Student Researcher: Mindy J. Sincler
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30 Mar 2010 Have the children write a hypothesis in their notebooks as to what type of mold they expect to grow on each type of food .
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24 Sep 2009 No, mold grow on walls, on foods , and other parts of a house. Hypothesis : I think the milk on the bread will mold first, the container
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24 Apr 2008 Students will hypothesize which food and in which environment they think will grow mold faster and why. Students will record this hypothesis
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4 Mar 2010 My hypothesis is that the wheat bread will mold faster because it has I thought it would be helpful to find a way to keep food from molding . My hypothesis is that bread mold will grow at a slower rate when in a
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29 Apr 2010 PROBLEM: What conditions make bread mold grow the fastest? HYPOTHESIS : Which conditions do you think will work best for the mold to grow : Check each bag daily and record any changes in the way the food looks.